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We regularly update our aviation law blog with information that is important to you.

Aviation law is complex. If your loved one was killed or injured in a helicopter accident or airplane crash, you need to educate yourself on this complicated area of law. We regularly update our blog with information that is relevant to airline accident victims and their families.

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Do Burns from Hot Airline Coffee Warrant a Lawsuit?

Each year, several airline passengers suffer burns onboard their flights—but are these injuries the result of bad luck or negligence?

Category: Airplane Accident

Michael Pearson
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Homebuilt Aircraft and Legal Liability

Homebuilt or experimental aircraft and legal liability- what are the consequences

Category: Airplane Accident

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Flight Crew Fatigue Follow-up & FAA Fines

Many new regulations are taking place as a result of speculation that pilot and crew fatigue are causing aircraft accidents. Even with the new crew rules on the horizon it is apparent that we have seen only the beginning of FAA enforcement regarding crew rest.

Category: Airplane Accident

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