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An Accident Happens- What Are The First Steps?


A: Immediately contact an attorney well versed in aviation law. Although too large to list here, a few examples of steps an experienced aviation attorney will do after an accident has occurred, are as follows:
1. Preserve wreckage;
2. Collect radar information, airworthiness directives files, service bulletins, TSOs, Advisory Circulars and Other FAA Orders, Tape Recordings of "all" communications relevant to the accident flight, (not just the usual 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after contact with the accident aircraft);
3. Interview witnesses;
4. Preserve all Air Traffic Control recordings, TRACON Radar Raw Data generated by ARTS, and NTAP Radar Raw data from the ARTCC;
5. Locate key witnesses;
6. Identify jurisdictional issues;
7. Evaluate liability of the parties responsible for the crash;
8. Protect the client's rights during initial interviews with authorities; and
9. Undertake much behind the scenes work involving document review and analysis to properly prepare your case.

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