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Who's Entitled To Compensation When An Accident Occurs?


A: Passengers, family members of victims, persons injured on the ground (or their family members of persons killed on the ground), and pilots (if it is proved that pilot error was not the sole cause of the airline accident) may be entitled to compensation for the tragic event.

If a crash occurs within a state's boundaries, the law will generally allow damages for medical & funeral expenses, loss of victim's anticipated earnings in the future, loss of pension benefits (or some inheritances) caused by the victim's death, pain and suffering or mental anguish to the survivors, loss of care, protection or companionship (consortium) to survivors. If the flight is considered international the Montreal Convention (a treaty) and various other laws may be relevant or controlling Knowing what law applies to the specific situation allows an attorney to properly prepare clients for what to expect, and to maximize the potential recovery for family members of aircrash victims.

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