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Dealing with an aviation accident? Find the resources you need below.

The aftermath of an airplane or helicopter crash is traumatic and overwhelming. To help you through this trying time, we have compiled a list of resources to assist you. We are also available to you to answer your questions.

Aviation Accident Publications

  • Book on airplane and helicopter accidents and crashes:

    This publication was written by aviation lawyer Michael Pearson to help guide victims, survivors, and family members of aviation accidents obtain reliable and accurate information to assist them through the aftermath of a helicopter or airplane accident.

Aviation Accident Links

  • NTSB Accidents and Incidents Database: Links to NTSB accidents and serious incidents by month.
  • The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB):

    The NTSB was established in 1967 to investigate significant transportation accidents, including all U.S. civil aviation accidents.  The primary purpose of every NTSB investigation is to determine the most likely cause of an accident. This information is used to make recommendations on how to improve safety measures.  Besides its investigatory duties, the NTSB also offers Family Assistance Centers (FACs) to aid families whose loved ones were taken from them or severely injured in an accident.  

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